Cure Techno Dependency

In moment of enlightenment. I’ve found a way that have provided extremely useful to me that might help you if you are looking to lose your dependency of your smart phone.

Leave Your Phone At Home.

One day, I was sitting at my coffee table trying to read a newspaper article and I had the worst time trying to focus in and read it. It was almost since the article was a physical paper product and I could not swipe up or down on it, my brain could not comprehend the words on the paper. I had to repeat each word twice over in order to get the story down. I am usually a great reader so I had to figure out what was wrong. From then on I tried a numerous of things. I tried eating carrots, I thought I was becoming dyslexic so I tried methods in which counter the disease. I even tried moving from my house to a coffee shop down the street and nothing seemed to be working.

This was the first step I chose to take, and honestly it was the hardest step. I work twelve hour shifts and to be without my phone for twelve hours was almost a death sentence in my mind, but at the time I was becoming weirdly impulsive. I had a constant need for approval in which I could relate to social media but I’ll get to that, and I could not focus on the job at hand. It took me days to figure out why this was happening when I had realized that I had taken a serious turn on improving my social media months beforehand. During the duration of about two and a half months I had increased my follower count on my personal instagram from eight hundred followers to a whopping two thousand. This is not to brag, but to say that it takes time and constant feeding to grow a beast. With that said, it took a toll on my mind, so much so that some points I couldn’t take a shower without having my phone on me.

I couldn’t sit down long enough because I was moving fast internally. I’ve had this issue before with Facebook; where I was constantly reading the newsfeeds of my friends. My mind is getting hit with nonstop information and I’ll feel mentally full, but that information at the end of the day did nothing and my brain doesn’t even have capacity anymore so all I want to do is get things done super fast.

So with that in mind I knew I had to slow down and control this sensation. Instead of going cold turkey because that’s the worst thing someone could do when trying to fight a habit; when I would go to work I left my phone at the house. It was terrible for the first two weeks. I had this vibrating feeling on my leg where I would have my phone usually, and I wasn’t actually there, but I was there. Slowly those sensations started declining and I was able to read again as normal. I noticed that I could sit peacefully without having a constant urgency in the back of my head. Almost as if I needed to complete a task, or if someone was judging me for simply doing what I had always been doing. I noticed that especially when I closed my eyes, they went rumbling around in small back and forth vibrations. I began to become calm in my demeanor and more relaxed in my mood.

Leave Your Phone In Your House. Try it for a week, see how you feel. Notice your reactions. Is that you? Or is it your fear controlling you?


Become Techno Aware

At an alarming rate, we as a society are constantly being beamed left and right by the newest, latest and greatest device to hit the market. Our technology has been moving faster than our brains can process and at a time where we keep moving; we tend to forget to slow down. To think and see what’s in-front of us. To let our true selves guide our path, and not the gadgets or the impulse of the next update dictate how we live. In an age of constant information, we are truly the dumbest society there can be. We have everything in our hands, everything that we could have ever wanted, yet we are in a never ending battle for more.

I had a moment of clarity and at the time I was not too sure on how to actually process the true meaning. Bare with me.

I’ll start with the story: I was working at the time at a tech giant that was heavily reliant on updating every day. New technology and the talk of the latest tech was on a constant high, and everyone in the workspace would get extremely overwhelemd about the subject. I, myself being a techno maniac was in the heart of the conversation. Everyday I went to work was like fulfilling my dream purpose. I had always wanted to work for a top tech company and it was finally achieved. One day while working for this tech giant, there was a Mother that came in wanting to get into her daughter’s phone for information.

She had lost her daughter, and there could have been information on the criminal inside of the device. The device was locked via her daughter’s password, and due to policy we have no access into the device. Being the one to break the news to her, I was justly met with violent scolding, a begging Mother’s plea, and a heartfelt cry. I was her hope, she came to me to be able to solve a crime so heinous to her only true possession, and I could not help. I asked my management team, they gave me the cold shoulder. I tried a support line higher than myself, and they could not help either. To my disdain, I could not help a mother and to only imagine her pain would be an impossibility. The device that could contain the evidence needed to incriminate a killer, was no more a dud than that of a candle with no wax. What had been so close, pushed her and the investigation back for miles.

This was the moment I thought about the use of modern technology.

The newest gadget meant new buttons, new features, new new new, but we did not talk about how it could benefit us or society. A new feature on a phone, what does it actually do to improve our quality of living? How can an extra lens on a camera improve my way of life? How can a faster processor ensure my peak survivability? Sure it can get me an extra megapixel in my photo, and capture the moment even faster than before but can it tend to my garden? Can it provide for my family? Can it save my life in a time of need?

We need technology that improves our way of living, not to distract us from the only time we have on this planet.

We have built our lives around these devices; when they are only just in its infant stage. We haven’t even gone into flying cars yet and people lose their minds over not getting cellular coverage. In this case, this Mother I believe was justly met, there are subsequent rules in place that should be malleable on the circumstance and not because of total privacy. Even when the device itself is in fact prone to security breaches. These devices are cool, they’re fun and they take the mind into a different reality, but we cannot allow these devices to become us, rather us become the devices. We believe we have the power, but it is the device that guides us. In this, what I want you to do is think about your device. What are you doing with your phone? How does it benefit you? Think about what type of uses you have for it other than of telecommunication.

Once we become Techno Aware, we can then slowly but surely address the issue of technology dependence and how it impacts our view on the world and ourselves.

The Devil is a Woman

The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of love, merely she uses the ideology as scapegoat for one’s own greed. You will give, but she will crave more. You will give more and she will deepen the hole. What is the number beyond infinite?

The Devil is a Woman: for the Devil knows not of love; the creature only knows of malice and hate. It will spite you in your worst of days, and it will throw mud on the best of your achievements. No bigger feat is but a small pond to the Devil. Worship, or be thrown to the pits.

The Devil is a Woman: for that She knows no sympathy or compassion. You will lie beaten, battered, bloody and bruised, and In front of your decrepit existence, she will stand taller than the mountains looking down on you as if she was your deity; passing piercing judgement. Oh what low you are to the Devil, kiss it’s feet whilst you lie.

The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of appreciation, nor bounds gifts of fruit. You will want, and she will not give. For she has already given you her most valuable gift: her time. Man hast walk miles to be given the time of day; though as a Man you must give your entirety to deserve such grandiose.

The Devil is a Woman: for that the Devil is a creature of mischief. Tricks and Mental play are at hand. Man hast done wrong, when even done the most right. Woman hast been saved, then lie with it’s savior’s friend. No good deed is brought upon a Woman for Woman knows not of good; she can only make the occurrence in attendance to her own visage. Distort the Male precedence as the Devil’s goal; shape the minds of their young as the first step.

The Devil is a Woman.

Today’s Artist

Art is no more common than Salt is in the Seas surrounding human civilization. The artist today creates art to the fear of being unwanted; whereas the artist previous would devoid all community aspirations in the pursuit of solitude. The artist previous would create, contour, and endure the inner workings of their mind. Twisting one’s own reality to mold the perception of those willing to look deeper beneath the cracks of the modern’s sandlike surface. The quicksand that reveals a lonely heart and a pit of misfortune to one’s own world, and not the world of the ones involved in the modern artists’. The previous artist would conjure monolithic entities in what would cause mankind to think on it’s head as to how it was made. Days turn into Months, Months to Years in finishing a single portrait. Sent to nil to the modern artisans’ five second quick fix.

Modern artist are numb to the machines that create the false realities to their art. No more is art vivid, rather a cog in the veil waiting to unfold. The veil showing the true artists. Behind door number one holds the ultimate artist.

The machine.

Coffee Shop Blues: Obey the Scones

Marked in an all black attire that would have the likes of Batman questioning his idea of design; I walk into the local coffee shop to keep the wheels turning. Gazes, veering forth as I walk towards the end of the line.

“One Coffee, and maybe a scone. No, I won’t fair well eating a pastry so early in the day. Let’s do a black coffee first, wait a little bit then see about getting something later.”

I tell myself, mouth watering to the sight of a Lemon Blueberry Scone, pair that with a dark roast and I’m at Heavens Gate. So I wait, I take the time needed to set discipline, words to action. Making progress that could move mountains, I was dedicated to this pastry.

Hours later, the time’s come. My body, cold as glaciers waiting for the moment. I pace towards the line.

I wait.

Ah, here we are.

“What can I get for you?”

“Are coffee’s refillable?”

“Yes, are you getting anything else?”

“I’ll do a Lemon BlueBerry Scone please”

Noticing my T-Shirt

“That’s a cool shirt, what’s it about?”

“It’s about this 1980’s film about a guy that picks up glasses that allow him to see aliens around him”

“Oh I remember seeing that in a documentary about Shepard Fairey”

I hate people.

Binge Away

There’s so much of everything in this saturated world. If at anytime I wanted; I could go to the nearest corner and find a food market that could provide me a very loose form of nutrition at the smallest of costs. If anything, because fast food companies make food so cheaply; I could buy ten cheeseburgers, for the price of one cheeseburger at a restaurant.

That sounds like a good deal right? I just got the bang for my buck, but there’s a difference. Quality. The ten cheeseburgers I just bought could feed me for a while, while the one quality cheeseburger lasts me only a meal. Yet, even then I still would probably gain a better nutrition count from the one quality burger than the ten fast food burgers.

But at a point where saving money plays a heavy role, you might opt in for the fast food burger rather than eating at a fancy shmancy restaurant. Then from there it builds, you might add another burger the next time, or a shake on top because it still doesn’t costs as much as that fancy shmancy restaurant burger. Then, out of no where you realize that you’ve gained 20 lbs in a matter of three months, because of this “cost effective” fallacy. Now you’re going to have to get a gym membership, but eating is way easier. There goes another human.

That’s the point I wanted to make, One quality burger is better than ten fast food cheeseburgers.

Just kidding, this isn’t about fast food burgers as much as its the concept behind it. The idea that getting more for less sometimes isn’t always the best solution. This ties in specifically to streaming. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, & Twitch all go in great lengths to keep your attention focused on them.

Each of these services lot a copious amount of entertainment all for varied fixed prices. Some services charge a cup of coffee, others charge a premium for additional features, but it’s generally uninterrupted entertainment at the tip of your fingers. Waiting to be accessed at anytime and can be watched for as long as you like.

Services such as Netflix, offer commercial free television. Where you can watch any and all to your hearts content without repercussions, so we think. This concept of unlimited watching does far more harm than good.

It creates the idea that what you’re watching, how long you’re watching does not impact your day to day. When in fact it could, and it could do more damage than What Happened to Monday did to my psyche.

(Naomi Repace played how many different roles, and still that movie only got a 6.9 on IMDB that’s not fair)

Look, I get it I remember back in the old days when I’d buy some popcorn, a couple of beers and would invite the crush I had at the time to my pad to watch some re-runs of the Office because I couldn’t make conversation and this was my go-to. I get it, but those days are over, and now streaming services; instead of them being the end all for television. They’ve become the end all for a proper living.

People would much rather spend their whole day mindlessly watching show after show after show instead of doing things with themselves. In fact it’s taken so much time off of people’s lives that its now a severe issue. People are growing an addiction to their devices and the content in the devices. So much so that who you are, is hugely dependent on what type of apps you use on your device.

Though Netflix is actively on the hunt for figuring out how to shave off a little bit of attention draining now that they’ve been caught red handed, it doesn’t help that they’re one of the biggest culprits in what we see now with the younger generation. Kids all over the world, glued to their devices, brains resembling eggs in the baking sun. Breeds a generation of watchers instead of a generation of doers. The way this world is heading, seems as though Corporations are actively doing what they can to make cattle, and they’re starting young.

Though this is true for the future generation, let’s discuss the here and now. Parents and adults, glued to their monitors wasting away as time moves forward, yet their couches only get slightly deeper. Streaming which was once seen as the holy savior of cable television comes to only be the bane to our existence.

Let’s look at it like this.

Cable/Satellite could costs from thirty a month upwards to two hundred dollars a month. There’s your fancy burger.

Streaming services costs pennies on the dollar in comparison, there’s your fast food.

The only major difference in this one could argue is the quality because streaming services do contain more quality shows/movies/podcasts etc, but the point is that the culture of unlimited anything has the potential to bleed into your life. If you can stream all the time without repercussions then you can eat all the ice cream you want and have no repercussions, hello Mint Chip.

Not true I say as I’m slowly falling into a diabetic coma after gorging my fifth scoop.

This isn’t to say that cable or satellite is better. This also isn’t a PSA about staying away from streaming services. Just don’t be fooled. Streaming services are just merely television in an evolved form. You’re watching tv no matter through what medium you choose be it a tablet, tv, or a phone.

So next time, when you’re deciding whether or not to run through two seasons of the Office on a Monday night when you have work in the morning. Consider this article and take a break from the streaming for a little bit; your brain will thank you later.

Also, if you get the chance check out this article on How Design Can Make Tech Products Less Addictive really great, thought provoking read what tech companies could improve on when thinking about their next “latest and greatest” invention.

Heaven Is a MindState

The infamous Rapper/Slam Poet/Philosopher J. Cole said it best when it came to his song, The Cut Off:

I know heaven is a mind state, I’ve been a couple of times

The song itself is about addiction; trying to get rid of addiction and making known who’s his ally and who’s his enemy.

If you ever get the chance especially if you haven’t heard it, check out his album K.O.D. The whole album is about losing oneself, coping mechanisms, being greatful about who you are in the world. The list could go on, but for some reason this single line keeps grabbing my attention.

As I was thinking about what I want this website to truly talk about I.E. addiction to Streaming Services, Social Media, Cell Phones to name a few; I just kept thinking about this single line. It’s so obvious, because it’s true Heaven is a mind State.

Heaven is a mind state, yet in a world where everyone has to find some sort of trouble within either themselves or in the world around them; people lose sight in how to be happy. In fact, it’s almost as if people brag about their unhappiness to other people as if they were holding up a scoreboard.

We find joy in other peoples pain, but we never find joy in our own yet we always have to make it known. It’s weirder to even talk about your own happiness with other people because for some reason in this world everyone has to suffer.

Heaven is a mind state; because in a world of distractions where it seems as though the only way out is through a screen and an image of Squidward dabbing on people. We forget that we have a natural way out, Meditation. We have had heaven around us our entire time.

Yet instead, these devices take us further and further away from any type of release. If anything it’s only playing you into the never ending cycle, as I always say, numbing your brain so that you only ever feel anything through that screen projection.

Heaven is a mind state; because for thousands of years there have been people around the globe that, without the use of drugs or a cell phone, had the ability to reach a transcendence within themselves; creating a balance between them and their environment allowing for them to reach nervana.

Peace of mind in a world that’s constantly trying to kill them. Yet, I can’t have a complete conversation at the dinner table without someone pulling out their phone because they either don’t know what I’m talking about, or just don’t want to be a part of the real world.

Heaven is a mind state; because there’s so much to be happy about in this world. We have more food than we could possibly imagine (beit nuitrishous or not), we have the newest line of technology aiding humans who cannot have access to it themselves. There are robots now that are doing surgeries for the Surgeon. We have machines that are doing the dirty work for us. Yet I can’t feel complete without knowing what’s going on on my social media walls.

People feel as though they always need to hate themselves, rue in their own misfortune and wonder why nothing good ever happens to them. Because at the end of the day (depending on where you are of course) there’s not a saber tooth tiger waiting outside of your cave ready to eat your brains. People don’t feel like they are a part of the bigger scheme in life, so they hold this anger, turn it into anxiety and wash it away through staying glued to their devices.

Heaven is a mind state; because peace of mind in this world of constant nagging and bugging at the scale of internal thought is at an all time high. Brains nowadays hold more information than ever before entertainment comes along trying to jam pack it’s way in, causing for the general public to have no more space in their noggin for whats actually important. I know Heaven is a MindState, I’ve been a couple of times and all it takes is a little bit of Meditation.

That means sit your butt down for five minutes out of the day. Breath in for five seconds, breath out for four. It’s that simple, the Corporate world always wants people to work-work-work, but the corporations behind the societal scheme never think about self-improvement. Because once you try to improve yourself, you then become the enemy. So in hopes to prevent that, corporations will spend frivolous amounts of money on gadgets and skits to grab hold of your attention, and keep your attention as long as possible. They don’t care about the negative impacts it will have on you as long as their wallets grow big and fat.

Do yourself a favor.

1. Listen to J.Cole’s K.O.D. Album, it’s really good.

2. Turn your phone off. Please, your brain will thank you later.

3. Sit down, don’t worry about the things taking over your everyday life.

4.Relax because life is not that hard for us, in this society compared to what other people are going through and what they have gone through in the past.

Hopefully after this you can gain some clarity on what’s happening in front of you. Leading you to make better decisions about your life.