Cure Techno Dependency

In moment of enlightenment. I’ve found a way that have provided extremely useful to me that might help you if you are looking to lose your dependency of your smart phone.

Leave Your Phone At Home.

One day, I was sitting at my coffee table trying to read a newspaper article and I had the worst time trying to focus in and read it. It was almost since the article was a physical paper product and I could not swipe up or down on it, my brain could not comprehend the words on the paper. I had to repeat each word twice over in order to get the story down. I am usually a great reader so I had to figure out what was wrong. From then on I tried a numerous of things. I tried eating carrots, I thought I was becoming dyslexic so I tried methods in which counter the disease. I even tried moving from my house to a coffee shop down the street and nothing seemed to be working.

This was the first step I chose to take, and honestly it was the hardest step. I work twelve hour shifts and to be without my phone for twelve hours was almost a death sentence in my mind, but at the time I was becoming weirdly impulsive. I had a constant need for approval in which I could relate to social media but I’ll get to that, and I could not focus on the job at hand. It took me days to figure out why this was happening when I had realized that I had taken a serious turn on improving my social media months beforehand. During the duration of about two and a half months I had increased my follower count on my personal instagram from eight hundred followers to a whopping two thousand. This is not to brag, but to say that it takes time and constant feeding to grow a beast. With that said, it took a toll on my mind, so much so that some points I couldn’t take a shower without having my phone on me.

I couldn’t sit down long enough because I was moving fast internally. I’ve had this issue before with Facebook; where I was constantly reading the newsfeeds of my friends. My mind is getting hit with nonstop information and I’ll feel mentally full, but that information at the end of the day did nothing and my brain doesn’t even have capacity anymore so all I want to do is get things done super fast.

So with that in mind I knew I had to slow down and control this sensation. Instead of going cold turkey because that’s the worst thing someone could do when trying to fight a habit; when I would go to work I left my phone at the house. It was terrible for the first two weeks. I had this vibrating feeling on my leg where I would have my phone usually, and I wasn’t actually there, but I was there. Slowly those sensations started declining and I was able to read again as normal. I noticed that I could sit peacefully without having a constant urgency in the back of my head. Almost as if I needed to complete a task, or if someone was judging me for simply doing what I had always been doing. I noticed that especially when I closed my eyes, they went rumbling around in small back and forth vibrations. I began to become calm in my demeanor and more relaxed in my mood.

Leave Your Phone In Your House. Try it for a week, see how you feel. Notice your reactions. Is that you? Or is it your fear controlling you?

Become Techno Aware

At an alarming rate, we as a society are constantly being beamed left and right by the newest, latest and greatest device to hit the market. Our technology has been moving faster than our brains can process and at a time where we keep moving; we tend to forget to slow down. To think and see what’s in-front of us. To let our true selves guide our path, and not the gadgets or the impulse of the next update dictate how we live. In an age of constant information, we are truly the dumbest society there can be. We have everything in our hands, everything that we could have ever wanted, yet we are in a never ending battle for more.

I had a moment of clarity and at the time I was not too sure on how to actually process the true meaning. Bare with me.

I’ll start with the story: I was working at the time at a tech giant that was heavily reliant on updating every day. New technology and the talk of the latest tech was on a constant high, and everyone in the workspace would get extremely overwhelemd about the subject. I, myself being a techno maniac was in the heart of the conversation. Everyday I went to work was like fulfilling my dream purpose. I had always wanted to work for a top tech company and it was finally achieved. One day while working for this tech giant, there was a Mother that came in wanting to get into her daughter’s phone for information.

She had lost her daughter, and there could have been information on the criminal inside of the device. The device was locked via her daughter’s password, and due to policy we have no access into the device. Being the one to break the news to her, I was justly met with violent scolding, a begging Mother’s plea, and a heartfelt cry. I was her hope, she came to me to be able to solve a crime so heinous to her only true possession, and I could not help. I asked my management team, they gave me the cold shoulder. I tried a support line higher than myself, and they could not help either. To my disdain, I could not help a mother and to only imagine her pain would be an impossibility. The device that could contain the evidence needed to incriminate a killer, was no more a dud than that of a candle with no wax. What had been so close, pushed her and the investigation back for miles.

This was the moment I thought about the use of modern technology.

The newest gadget meant new buttons, new features, new new new, but we did not talk about how it could benefit us or society. A new feature on a phone, what does it actually do to improve our quality of living? How can an extra lens on a camera improve my way of life? How can a faster processor ensure my peak survivability? Sure it can get me an extra megapixel in my photo, and capture the moment even faster than before but can it tend to my garden? Can it provide for my family? Can it save my life in a time of need?

We need technology that improves our way of living, not to distract us from the only time we have on this planet.

We have built our lives around these devices; when they are only just in its infant stage. We haven’t even gone into flying cars yet and people lose their minds over not getting cellular coverage. In this case, this Mother I believe was justly met, there are subsequent rules in place that should be malleable on the circumstance and not because of total privacy. Even when the device itself is in fact prone to security breaches. These devices are cool, they’re fun and they take the mind into a different reality, but we cannot allow these devices to become us, rather us become the devices. We believe we have the power, but it is the device that guides us. In this, what I want you to do is think about your device. What are you doing with your phone? How does it benefit you? Think about what type of uses you have for it other than of telecommunication.

Once we become Techno Aware, we can then slowly but surely address the issue of technology dependence and how it impacts our view on the world and ourselves.

The Devil is a Woman

The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of love, merely she uses the ideology as scapegoat for one’s own greed. You will give, but she will crave more. You will give more and she will deepen the hole. What is the number beyond infinite?

The Devil is a Woman: for the Devil knows not of love; the creature only knows of malice and hate. It will spite you in your worst of days, and it will throw mud on the best of your achievements. No bigger feat is but a small pond to the Devil. Worship, or be thrown to the pits.

The Devil is a Woman: for that She knows no sympathy or compassion. You will lie beaten, battered, bloody and bruised, and In front of your decrepit existence, she will stand taller than the mountains looking down on you as if she was your deity; passing piercing judgement. Oh what low you are to the Devil, kiss it’s feet whilst you lie.

The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of appreciation, nor bounds gifts of fruit. You will want, and she will not give. For she has already given you her most valuable gift: her time. Man hast walk miles to be given the time of day; though as a Man you must give your entirety to deserve such grandiose.

The Devil is a Woman: for that the Devil is a creature of mischief. Tricks and Mental play are at hand. Man hast done wrong, when even done the most right. Woman hast been saved, then lie with it’s savior’s friend. No good deed is brought upon a Woman for Woman knows not of good; she can only make the occurrence in attendance to her own visage. Distort the Male precedence as the Devil’s goal; shape the minds of their young as the first step.

The Devil is a Woman.

The Ignorant Capitalist.

Capitalism has birth offspring, and it’s children are Ignorant.

The Ignorant Capitalist holds no quandary for what is right or wrong. He must simply do as the bidding states, from the powers he will never see; be trusting in him that he will do what he must: feed, consume, repopulate. 

The Ignorant Capitalist knows not of what he is fed. He only knows what he is taught. This Cog is born and attends to the normalization process before the mutation occurs into such: Ignorant Capitalist. Public Education brings forth the history, on the mistakes previous of Ignorant Capitalists. Rural neighborhoods breed social normalities into the mindset of the Ignorant Capitalist. Thusly the parental units will train and nurture the fruits of their labor till their fruits have ripened for battle. The Gods will layer the foundation for the Ignorant Capitalist and the Media will sustain the mind of the Ignorant Capitalist. 

The Gods determine the changes and it’s outcome; the Media barks at it’s call. Thy finger brought highest, and the lowest will rise. Bringing high tides to surmise; the gates are open, and the Ignorant Capitalist will sink. The end goal achieved in his ultimate purpose: death. The grand illusion that is modern society rolls by changing, morphing, and bending it’s shape into forms new, for while humanity there’s always the same constant result. 

Rinse and repeat the cycle: Media’s ultimatum. With new faces appearing live after it’s previous had died off; one can only feel discontent as humanity paces atop the conveyor belt. With what’s in front of them, a black hole that drops indefinite. With what’s behind them, their mistakes they defy to accept. Media tells the Ignorant Capitalist of the belts existence, yet as per precaution and not of truth. The belt is simply a form of structure to the Ignorant Capitalist. While, the belt’s existence is of feeding vitality to its owner: Media. Without it, humanity simply falls only but a short distance to the ground. Yet crumbles and topples buildings higher than an eagle’s soar.

Lies, hate, and Chaos run rampant through one’s mind’s eye, yet one can only see normality within brutality. The Ignorant Capitalist is but a pawn, a tool in the eternal machine that knows its existence through democratic means. Though in it’s form purest, deemed highly. Now seen present no more evil than the black goat himself.

There was once a sovereign image used to breathe faith into said Capitalist. This supposed image idealized prosperity for the weak, nutrition for the malnourished, and a stronghold that protects the ones within. These ideals are simply such, no more physical than that of a null hypothesis. These falsities in which stake claim to the minds of the hard worker drives their excess. In the hope of a day to break these wretched chains that grounds the poor; the Ignorant Capitalist frowns upon. For the Ignorant Capitalist knows not of pity in a world of self righteous, he knows no compassion. For the hard worker, their mind is shaped to bring necessity on commodity; nothing more but a ruse to the blind. But of no difference to the Ignorant Capitalist because he lies simply such: Ignorant.

For the Ignorant Capitalist is no pauper, nor has once begged for a better existence. He is born in sustainability, bred for success, and achieves the average. He is but a shell, a veil of humanity for he has no strifes. No bitter ends, no mishaps nor mistakes. He has no qualms, holds no conviction, and cries once his toys are taken. Such ineptitude the Ignorant Capitalist has on the natural cycle, yet he presents every solution to a cause which compliments his own beliefs. He has no interest in the survivalists, nor of the rocks he walks upon. He only tills to the garden of which he was birthed. Pity for the seed of which hath no growth.

Such melancholy, the world instills for the Ignorant Capitalist; one cannot simply live because one cannot live simply. The Ignorant Capitalist places a need on the wants, and possession for borrowing. He knows not of owning for he does not own! The Ignorant Capitalist is contempt in paying the cost thrice over for a service in which takes no space. While said service inadvertently creates space onto Ignorant Capitalists’ monetary value; again he turns a blind eye.

The Ignorant Capitalist knows not of the world beyond the four walls that cage him. He knows not of the terrors, the mass killings, the treachery that walks amongst the grounds; for he is safe in his Capital bubble. His god coos him to sleep; while his God lays terror amongst the streets. The Ignorant Capitalist is safe; tilling to the garden in where he was once born. 

The Ignorant Capitalist holds no quandary for what is right or wrong. He must simply do as the bidding states, from the powers he will never see; be trusting in him that he will do what he must: feed, consume, repopulate. So is the way of the Ignorant Capitalist.

The Doom to Start it All?

Within a matter of moments, a series of pings dialed my phone last night into this morning. I was notified of the ship seizing that Russia has ensued upon Ukrainian naval units. If you’re reading this, and are unaware of what’s happening; this is to keep you updated on what’s going on. Then after, I will give my analysis on the subject.

Following an NPR report, the journalist Emily Sullivan headlines her report with

Ukraine considers Martial Law After Russia Seizes it’s Ships near Crimea.

What has been reported so far is that Ukraine attempted to send naval ships through a bridge lying over the Kerch Strait. Russia has claimed this waterway, theirs for roughly three years, yet no one accepts their claim to this access of water and NATO has issued a statement from NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu:

“NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and its territorial water. We call on Russia to ensure unhindered access to Ukrainian posts in the Azov Sea, in accordance with international law.”

Now, through supposed attempts to stop the boats from passing, Russia did give warning signs, signals and tried to stop them, but the ships continued to pass. The navel boats were then stopped by open fire and the crew members were captured in the pursuit; number of injuries varied.

The Ukrainian President, Petro Porosheko, called a meeting with security officials in the capital city of Kiev. The Ukrainian President calls the incident an “Open act of Russian aggression” and will ask the parliament to approve the call of Martial Law. UPDATE: President Porosheko has signed the imposition of Martial Law, the parliament is now needed to sign off.

What is Martial Law?

Martial Law is used by governing parties to take control over the public by which their government resides. It allows for direct military control over normal civilian functions, usually in a course of extreme action such as in an occupied territory or an invasion. Any and all normal daily functions are then ceased and dismissed while the country prepares for military action in case it is needed.

Feed the Beast

Back in 2014, Russia annexed Crimea, now The Republic of Crimea & The Federal city of Sevastopol. During that incident the news frenzy was about Crimea being annexed, but the news did not inspire much Political appeal. NATO’s opposition was not as substantial, as Russia was able to apprehend the country. With media doing everything in it’s power to showcase self benefiting publications; one needs to realize when things are awkward.

Ukraine’s political election was to happen on Sunday, the 31st of March. Since Ukraine’s current President has filed for Martial Law, this election date could be pushed back until the law has been lifted, in which could take a while. The election could be called off, if the law is still in place.

In thus, this can only help the Ukrainian President’s position no matter the outcome. Not only is he seen as the victim of circumstances against a major political rival, but now has the option to postpone a campaign that can work in his favor, giving him more time and a steady pull on the Ukrainian system.

With this in mind, one can make a couple of notions:

The use of Martial Law can be a positive strategic move in holding onto one’s seat in power.

Political parties often work within themselves to ensure they can obtain & keep power.

Media en Mass makes the choice in what to highlight, and political elections are not one, but Russia is always the enemy.

There are two instances happening in realtime regarding extreme Nationalism. Russian attempts to take land that is self proclaimed & American Isolation in the deportation of migrants.

Now, this is not to claim alignment to Russia’s cause, nor is this to state that the actions on both sides were neither right or wrong. This is a claim to Media and Framing. The public must not allow for indirections to phase them in their strains.

Trump & Deportation:

An image of women in prayer.
An image of women in prayer and song.

Children on buses as they make their way to the border.

An image of migrants making their way to the American Border.

Current American President, Donald Trump, has deported upwards of 500 migrants during the Migrant Caravan Walk. The use of violence on children, and his vilification of migrant workers only shows the true stand of his Humanitarian views. Trump was recently reported stating:

“Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries.”

This type of rhetoric is used to help his cause in criminalizing and degrading human beings to a point in which they are seen as “better off dead”; also the same tactic Hitler once used against the Jewish. Trump and the American system has boasted inequalities for all and objection to humanitarian rights. One can only assume the negative impacts this event can have on a political re-election if Trump chooses to stride towards four more years, but that is for the future to hold.

The Bread and Butter:

What is important to take out of this are key notes. One must obtain inquiry as to how these two major world instances have occurred in the same timespan. Correlations between the two include:

The denial of access into one’s territory (mainland).

The political upheaval and distraction of NATO regarding Humanitarian strives.

The use of NATO in gaining political power.

Media, media is not the enemy in this case, rather the rabbit and the carrot on a stick. The rabbit will continuously march towards wherever the stick is pointing to.

Two major political countries of which in history were once extreme enemies, now have been in conversation for a considerable amount of time. The leaders of these countries have stated fondness of the other and have similar Nationalist views.

Question to Ponder:

Could this be an attempt at a tug of war in which the acts of evil are dismissed due to the nature of another doing considerably worst? For example: If both are caught cutting down trees in a National Forrest, and one says “but that guy over there is cutting down trees too!” Does this justify the act of cutting down trees in a land where the act is prohibited simply because someone else is doing it as well?

One Human. One Humanity.

Today’s Artist

Art is no more common than Salt is in the Seas surrounding human civilization. The artist today creates art to the fear of being unwanted; whereas the artist previous would devoid all community aspirations in the pursuit of solitude. The artist previous would create, contour, and endure the inner workings of their mind. Twisting one’s own reality to mold the perception of those willing to look deeper beneath the cracks of the modern’s sandlike surface. The quicksand that reveals a lonely heart and a pit of misfortune to one’s own world, and not the world of the ones involved in the modern artists’. The previous artist would conjure monolithic entities in what would cause mankind to think on it’s head as to how it was made. Days turn into Months, Months to Years in finishing a single portrait. Sent to nil to the modern artisans’ five second quick fix.

Modern artist are numb to the machines that create the false realities to their art. No more is art vivid, rather a cog in the veil waiting to unfold. The veil showing the true artists. Behind door number one holds the ultimate artist.

The machine.