At an alarming rate, we as a society are constantly being beamed left and right by the newest, latest and greatest device to hit the market. Our technology has been moving faster than our brains can process and at a time where we keep moving; we tend to forget to slow down. To think and see what’s in-front of us. To let our true selves guide our path, and not the gadgets or the impulse of the next update dictate how we live. In an age of constant information, we are truly the dumbest society there can be. We have everything in our hands, everything that we could have ever wanted, yet we are in a never ending battle for more.

I had a moment of clarity and at the time I was not too sure on how to actually process the true meaning. Bare with me.

I’ll start with the story: I was working at the time at a tech giant that was heavily reliant on updating every day. New technology and the talk of the latest tech was on a constant high, and everyone in the workspace would get extremely overwhelemd about the subject. I, myself being a techno maniac was in the heart of the conversation. Everyday I went to work was like fulfilling my dream purpose. I had always wanted to work for a top tech company and it was finally achieved. One day while working for this tech giant, there was a Mother that came in wanting to get into her daughter’s phone for information.

She had lost her daughter, and there could have been information on the criminal inside of the device. The device was locked via her daughter’s password, and due to policy we have no access into the device. Being the one to break the news to her, I was justly met with violent scolding, a begging Mother’s plea, and a heartfelt cry. I was her hope, she came to me to be able to solve a crime so heinous to her only true possession, and I could not help. I asked my management team, they gave me the cold shoulder. I tried a support line higher than myself, and they could not help either. To my disdain, I could not help a mother and to only imagine her pain would be an impossibility. The device that could contain the evidence needed to incriminate a killer, was no more a dud than that of a candle with no wax. What had been so close, pushed her and the investigation back for miles.

This was the moment I thought about the use of modern technology.

The newest gadget meant new buttons, new features, new new new, but we did not talk about how it could benefit us or society. A new feature on a phone, what does it actually do to improve our quality of living? How can an extra lens on a camera improve my way of life? How can a faster processor ensure my peak survivability? Sure it can get me an extra megapixel in my photo, and capture the moment even faster than before but can it tend to my garden? Can it provide for my family? Can it save my life in a time of need?

We need technology that improves our way of living, not to distract us from the only time we have on this planet.

We have built our lives around these devices; when they are only just in its infant stage. We haven’t even gone into flying cars yet and people lose their minds over not getting cellular coverage. In this case, this Mother I believe was justly met, there are subsequent rules in place that should be malleable on the circumstance and not because of total privacy. Even when the device itself is in fact prone to security breaches. These devices are cool, they’re fun and they take the mind into a different reality, but we cannot allow these devices to become us, rather us become the devices. We believe we have the power, but it is the device that guides us. In this, what I want you to do is think about your device. What are you doing with your phone? How does it benefit you? Think about what type of uses you have for it other than of telecommunication.

Once we become Techno Aware, we can then slowly but surely address the issue of technology dependence and how it impacts our view on the world and ourselves.


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