In moment of enlightenment. I’ve found a way that have provided extremely useful to me that might help you if you are looking to lose your dependency of your smart phone.

Leave Your Phone At Home.

One day, I was sitting at my coffee table trying to read a newspaper article and I had the worst time trying to focus in and read it. It was almost since the article was a physical paper product and I could not swipe up or down on it, my brain could not comprehend the words on the paper. I had to repeat each word twice over in order to get the story down. I am usually a great reader so I had to figure out what was wrong. From then on I tried a numerous of things. I tried eating carrots, I thought I was becoming dyslexic so I tried methods in which counter the disease. I even tried moving from my house to a coffee shop down the street and nothing seemed to be working.

This was the first step I chose to take, and honestly it was the hardest step. I work twelve hour shifts and to be without my phone for twelve hours was almost a death sentence in my mind, but at the time I was becoming weirdly impulsive. I had a constant need for approval in which I could relate to social media but I’ll get to that, and I could not focus on the job at hand. It took me days to figure out why this was happening when I had realized that I had taken a serious turn on improving my social media months beforehand. During the duration of about two and a half months I had increased my follower count on my personal instagram from eight hundred followers to a whopping two thousand. This is not to brag, but to say that it takes time and constant feeding to grow a beast. With that said, it took a toll on my mind, so much so that some points I couldn’t take a shower without having my phone on me.

I couldn’t sit down long enough because I was moving fast internally. I’ve had this issue before with Facebook; where I was constantly reading the newsfeeds of my friends. My mind is getting hit with nonstop information and I’ll feel mentally full, but that information at the end of the day did nothing and my brain doesn’t even have capacity anymore so all I want to do is get things done super fast.

So with that in mind I knew I had to slow down and control this sensation. Instead of going cold turkey because that’s the worst thing someone could do when trying to fight a habit; when I would go to work I left my phone at the house. It was terrible for the first two weeks. I had this vibrating feeling on my leg where I would have my phone usually, and I wasn’t actually there, but I was there. Slowly those sensations started declining and I was able to read again as normal. I noticed that I could sit peacefully without having a constant urgency in the back of my head. Almost as if I needed to complete a task, or if someone was judging me for simply doing what I had always been doing. I noticed that especially when I closed my eyes, they went rumbling around in small back and forth vibrations. I began to become calm in my demeanor and more relaxed in my mood.

Leave Your Phone In Your House. Try it for a week, see how you feel. Notice your reactions. Is that you? Or is it your fear controlling you?


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