The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of love, merely she uses the ideology as scapegoat for one’s own greed. You will give, but she will crave more. You will give more and she will deepen the hole. What is the number beyond infinite?

The Devil is a Woman: for the Devil knows not of love; the creature only knows of malice and hate. It will spite you in your worst of days, and it will throw mud on the best of your achievements. No bigger feat is but a small pond to the Devil. Worship, or be thrown to the pits.

The Devil is a Woman: for that She knows no sympathy or compassion. You will lie beaten, battered, bloody and bruised, and In front of your decrepit existence, she will stand taller than the mountains looking down on you as if she was your deity; passing piercing judgement. Oh what low you are to the Devil, kiss it’s feet whilst you lie.

The Devil is a Woman: for She knows not of appreciation, nor bounds gifts of fruit. You will want, and she will not give. For she has already given you her most valuable gift: her time. Man hast walk miles to be given the time of day; though as a Man you must give your entirety to deserve such grandiose.

The Devil is a Woman: for that the Devil is a creature of mischief. Tricks and Mental play are at hand. Man hast done wrong, when even done the most right. Woman hast been saved, then lie with it’s savior’s friend. No good deed is brought upon a Woman for Woman knows not of good; she can only make the occurrence in attendance to her own visage. Distort the Male precedence as the Devil’s goal; shape the minds of their young as the first step.

The Devil is a Woman.


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