Capitalism has birth offspring, and it’s children are Ignorant.

The Ignorant Capitalist holds no quandary for what is right or wrong. He must simply do as the bidding states, from the powers he will never see; be trusting in him that he will do what he must: feed, consume, repopulate. 

The Ignorant Capitalist knows not of what he is fed. He only knows what he is taught. This Cog is born and attends to the normalization process before the mutation occurs into such: Ignorant Capitalist. Public Education brings forth the history, on the mistakes previous of Ignorant Capitalists. Rural neighborhoods breed social normalities into the mindset of the Ignorant Capitalist. Thusly the parental units will train and nurture the fruits of their labor till their fruits have ripened for battle. The Gods will layer the foundation for the Ignorant Capitalist and the Media will sustain the mind of the Ignorant Capitalist. 

The Gods determine the changes and it’s outcome; the Media barks at it’s call. Thy finger brought highest, and the lowest will rise. Bringing high tides to surmise; the gates are open, and the Ignorant Capitalist will sink. The end goal achieved in his ultimate purpose: death. The grand illusion that is modern society rolls by changing, morphing, and bending it’s shape into forms new, for while humanity there’s always the same constant result. 

Rinse and repeat the cycle: Media’s ultimatum. With new faces appearing live after it’s previous had died off; one can only feel discontent as humanity paces atop the conveyor belt. With what’s in front of them, a black hole that drops indefinite. With what’s behind them, their mistakes they defy to accept. Media tells the Ignorant Capitalist of the belts existence, yet as per precaution and not of truth. The belt is simply a form of structure to the Ignorant Capitalist. While, the belt’s existence is of feeding vitality to its owner: Media. Without it, humanity simply falls only but a short distance to the ground. Yet crumbles and topples buildings higher than an eagle’s soar.

Lies, hate, and Chaos run rampant through one’s mind’s eye, yet one can only see normality within brutality. The Ignorant Capitalist is but a pawn, a tool in the eternal machine that knows its existence through democratic means. Though in it’s form purest, deemed highly. Now seen present no more evil than the black goat himself.

There was once a sovereign image used to breathe faith into said Capitalist. This supposed image idealized prosperity for the weak, nutrition for the malnourished, and a stronghold that protects the ones within. These ideals are simply such, no more physical than that of a null hypothesis. These falsities in which stake claim to the minds of the hard worker drives their excess. In the hope of a day to break these wretched chains that grounds the poor; the Ignorant Capitalist frowns upon. For the Ignorant Capitalist knows not of pity in a world of self righteous, he knows no compassion. For the hard worker, their mind is shaped to bring necessity on commodity; nothing more but a ruse to the blind. But of no difference to the Ignorant Capitalist because he lies simply such: Ignorant.

For the Ignorant Capitalist is no pauper, nor has once begged for a better existence. He is born in sustainability, bred for success, and achieves the average. He is but a shell, a veil of humanity for he has no strifes. No bitter ends, no mishaps nor mistakes. He has no qualms, holds no conviction, and cries once his toys are taken. Such ineptitude the Ignorant Capitalist has on the natural cycle, yet he presents every solution to a cause which compliments his own beliefs. He has no interest in the survivalists, nor of the rocks he walks upon. He only tills to the garden of which he was birthed. Pity for the seed of which hath no growth.

Such melancholy, the world instills for the Ignorant Capitalist; one cannot simply live because one cannot live simply. The Ignorant Capitalist places a need on the wants, and possession for borrowing. He knows not of owning for he does not own! The Ignorant Capitalist is contempt in paying the cost thrice over for a service in which takes no space. While said service inadvertently creates space onto Ignorant Capitalists’ monetary value; again he turns a blind eye.

The Ignorant Capitalist knows not of the world beyond the four walls that cage him. He knows not of the terrors, the mass killings, the treachery that walks amongst the grounds; for he is safe in his Capital bubble. His god coos him to sleep; while his God lays terror amongst the streets. The Ignorant Capitalist is safe; tilling to the garden in where he was once born. 

The Ignorant Capitalist holds no quandary for what is right or wrong. He must simply do as the bidding states, from the powers he will never see; be trusting in him that he will do what he must: feed, consume, repopulate. So is the way of the Ignorant Capitalist.


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