Within a matter of moments, a series of pings dialed my phone last night into this morning. I was notified of the ship seizing that Russia has ensued upon Ukrainian naval units. If you’re reading this, and are unaware of what’s happening; this is to keep you updated on what’s going on. Then after, I will give my analysis on the subject.

Following an NPR report, the journalist Emily Sullivan headlines her report with

Ukraine considers Martial Law After Russia Seizes it’s Ships near Crimea.

What has been reported so far is that Ukraine attempted to send naval ships through a bridge lying over the Kerch Strait. Russia has claimed this waterway, theirs for roughly three years, yet no one accepts their claim to this access of water and NATO has issued a statement from NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu:

“NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and its territorial water. We call on Russia to ensure unhindered access to Ukrainian posts in the Azov Sea, in accordance with international law.”

Now, through supposed attempts to stop the boats from passing, Russia did give warning signs, signals and tried to stop them, but the ships continued to pass. The navel boats were then stopped by open fire and the crew members were captured in the pursuit; number of injuries varied.

The Ukrainian President, Petro Porosheko, called a meeting with security officials in the capital city of Kiev. The Ukrainian President calls the incident an “Open act of Russian aggression” and will ask the parliament to approve the call of Martial Law. UPDATE: President Porosheko has signed the imposition of Martial Law, the parliament is now needed to sign off.

What is Martial Law?

Martial Law is used by governing parties to take control over the public by which their government resides. It allows for direct military control over normal civilian functions, usually in a course of extreme action such as in an occupied territory or an invasion. Any and all normal daily functions are then ceased and dismissed while the country prepares for military action in case it is needed.

Feed the Beast

Back in 2014, Russia annexed Crimea, now The Republic of Crimea & The Federal city of Sevastopol. During that incident the news frenzy was about Crimea being annexed, but the news did not inspire much Political appeal. NATO’s opposition was not as substantial, as Russia was able to apprehend the country. With media doing everything in it’s power to showcase self benefiting publications; one needs to realize when things are awkward.

Ukraine’s political election was to happen on Sunday, the 31st of March. Since Ukraine’s current President has filed for Martial Law, this election date could be pushed back until the law has been lifted, in which could take a while. The election could be called off, if the law is still in place.

In thus, this can only help the Ukrainian President’s position no matter the outcome. Not only is he seen as the victim of circumstances against a major political rival, but now has the option to postpone a campaign that can work in his favor, giving him more time and a steady pull on the Ukrainian system.

With this in mind, one can make a couple of notions:

The use of Martial Law can be a positive strategic move in holding onto one’s seat in power.

Political parties often work within themselves to ensure they can obtain & keep power.

Media en Mass makes the choice in what to highlight, and political elections are not one, but Russia is always the enemy.

There are two instances happening in realtime regarding extreme Nationalism. Russian attempts to take land that is self proclaimed & American Isolation in the deportation of migrants.

Now, this is not to claim alignment to Russia’s cause, nor is this to state that the actions on both sides were neither right or wrong. This is a claim to Media and Framing. The public must not allow for indirections to phase them in their strains.

Trump & Deportation:

An image of women in prayer.
An image of women in prayer and song.

Children on buses as they make their way to the border.

An image of migrants making their way to the American Border.

Current American President, Donald Trump, has deported upwards of 500 migrants during the Migrant Caravan Walk. The use of violence on children, and his vilification of migrant workers only shows the true stand of his Humanitarian views. Trump was recently reported stating:

“Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries.”

This type of rhetoric is used to help his cause in criminalizing and degrading human beings to a point in which they are seen as “better off dead”; also the same tactic Hitler once used against the Jewish. Trump and the American system has boasted inequalities for all and objection to humanitarian rights. One can only assume the negative impacts this event can have on a political re-election if Trump chooses to stride towards four more years, but that is for the future to hold.

The Bread and Butter:

What is important to take out of this are key notes. One must obtain inquiry as to how these two major world instances have occurred in the same timespan. Correlations between the two include:

The denial of access into one’s territory (mainland).

The political upheaval and distraction of NATO regarding Humanitarian strives.

The use of NATO in gaining political power.

Media, media is not the enemy in this case, rather the rabbit and the carrot on a stick. The rabbit will continuously march towards wherever the stick is pointing to.

Two major political countries of which in history were once extreme enemies, now have been in conversation for a considerable amount of time. The leaders of these countries have stated fondness of the other and have similar Nationalist views.

Question to Ponder:

Could this be an attempt at a tug of war in which the acts of evil are dismissed due to the nature of another doing considerably worst? For example: If both are caught cutting down trees in a National Forrest, and one says “but that guy over there is cutting down trees too!” Does this justify the act of cutting down trees in a land where the act is prohibited simply because someone else is doing it as well?

One Human. One Humanity.


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