They enter through the red door. Placed downstairs between a local bar, and the 18+ strip club.

Music fills their minds, raging their phonetic sensors as the multitude of beaming streams of light pour in through the clouds of smoke. She hurries into the club, as he slowly walks through. She’s livid, lively as ever as she turns around and grabs him by the collar.

“Fucking dance with me.” 

She yells, though it would’ve sounded like nothing more but a whisper between her and the onslaught of EDM reverb. He nods, pulls her hips closer to his, and they dance. He closes his eyes, and lets the music take him to paradise. Their souls pounce to the beat of the base, marching in unison to the drum majors accord. As if paint was splattered onto an empty canvas, their souls intertwine. Two meshes of reality take shape into a resemblance of rorschach. Who are they, but no more than two hopeless souls in a world of hopelessness. Idling by until their untimely deaths. What is life to live longer than the fellow, but to live livelier than the fellows’ now? 


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