Marked in an all black attire that would have the likes of Batman questioning his idea of design; I walk into the local coffee shop to keep the wheels turning. Gazes, veering forth as I walk towards the end of the line.

“One Coffee, and maybe a scone. No, I won’t fair well eating a pastry so early in the day. Let’s do a black coffee first, wait a little bit then see about getting something later.”

I tell myself, mouth watering to the sight of a Lemon Blueberry Scone, pair that with a dark roast and I’m at Heavens Gate. So I wait, I take the time needed to set discipline, words to action. Making progress that could move mountains, I was dedicated to this pastry.

Hours later, the time’s come. My body, cold as glaciers waiting for the moment. I pace towards the line.

I wait.

Ah, here we are.

“What can I get for you?”

“Are coffee’s refillable?”

“Yes, are you getting anything else?”

“I’ll do a Lemon BlueBerry Scone please”

Noticing my T-Shirt

“That’s a cool shirt, what’s it about?”

“It’s about this 1980’s film about a guy that picks up glasses that allow him to see aliens around him”

“Oh I remember seeing that in a documentary about Shepard Fairey”

I hate people.


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