The discussion of immigration is at an all time high. With the president at an odds end to tear immigrant children away from their parents; Organizations known as ICE actively breaking down peace homes to take immigrants awayReforms sent to congress to debate on how much of a detention center can take the place of a childcare institute. With all of this it begs the question, how far have we advanced as a society?

The United States took a good leap from 2014-2017. People whom identified as transgendered were able to fight for the country they love. Gay marriage was becoming no more different than using lavender soap instead of fresh linen. People were more focused on the idea of “One Human” rather than “One America.”

Look I get it, people really love the country that they are in, but that doesn’t mean seclude the hand that feeds. With China quickly making high level advances in Technology. Our schools dumbing down education at a widespread, and our children paying more attention to a screen telling them how to live, and not living through their own experiences. America is becoming more a slave to itself, than the idea of what it wants to accomplish. Instead of moving forward accepting the role of the “melting pot”; it’s constantly chasing it’s own tail down a spiral that leaves the country behind and forgotten in a race that’s not stopping anytime soon.

We believe that we’re doing the right thing, electing officials into chairs that hold the ideals of the majority. We give them rules to place for change, and it’s swept under the rug. We say we choose the right ones to lead, but at most we know is their twitter feed. As if repping one’s favorite football team, but not knowing who’s on the team except for the quarter back. We have taken five steps back all of that hard work for it to be squandered in the long run.

The “War on Immigration” is an excuse to scare the public into believing that immigrants are ruining the country. Turns out, immigrant workers take up a large percentage of the labor force in America about 17% in a recent study. So if the Average Joe really wants to get his job back, well you got it. Average Joe not only has to do his Job, but the job of Enrique, Sally, Josephine, and Edward. America loves the idea of living a free life, but that comes at a cost. In fact a huge costs in demand for labor because more Americans now are choosing to work for themselves, and not for bigger corporations.

If Amanda wanted to make her own clothing store, sure congrats for wanting to be independent, but where is Amanda going to get her materials? Yes she could go to yarn manufacturers but where are the manufacturers if they don’t have workers? Guess what a lot of the workers have been kicked out, so now Amanda can’t get her shop going. Sorry Amanda looks like you’ll have to travel halfway across the world to get the material that you need to make a shirt that you’d probably only sell on etsy for ten dollars, but took nearly $700 to make.

This “War on Immigration” is falsely justified by people in chairs that want to ensure they stay in their position. Because no one wants to be a cashier at Wal-Mart when they get paid a yearly salary to work three to four months during that year. It’s easy to make decisions, when one is miles away from the heinous brutality happening amongst failing corporation control. Families are being ripped apart, homes are being demolished, and lives are being negatively impacted all in the name of Homeland Security. But doesn’t anyone think of the long term effects?

Vice recently did an interview with Andrea from Guatemala who’s Husband was deported a year prior (See Below). In the interview the reporter had attempted to discuss the issues with the children of the impacted family. One can easily see the emotional distress these children were going through. One child was so stressed out that he didn’t want to talk; this is a huge problem. Children are being affected the most by this extremist movement. Not only does this effect them in a negative way, but it’s a gateway to drug-use, criminal activity, and gang violence. ICE is not preventing criminal actively, but is rapidly creating the future of criminal activity. With children growing up without parental units to help guide them in the right direction. One can only assume the worst in this situation. All in the hopes of protecting the country, when it’s doing the opposite.  This can only have negative repercussions on the immediate families, outside families, the community, and the Nation.

This is what creates the spark needed to turn into something more detrimental to our own country.

Call To Action:

This is not a movement of Justice, it is a movement of Fear. It needs to be stopped and the only way we can stop this is by banding together. Movements such as these groups in Seattle are doing right by the communities all in hopes to keep families together. Please, here’s the petition to stop this. Sign and share this awareness. Things like this absolutely should not be happening in the land of opportunity. There are lives being affected at this moment in the United States of America and it’s only time till your life becomes affected by this as well. Do what’s right, create visibility of this so that the ones sitting comfortably up top can realize that this is a crime against humanity.

This is not an end to a cycle, but a creation to an uncontrollable future.


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