Pacing in line, I’m waiting to give my order. Simple and sweet to uncomplicate my life more than it already is; I’ll just take a black coffee. Of course I’ll take that black coffee, no sugar, no milk just straight black. That’ll happen, and when I get my morning Cup O’ Joe I’ll be as happy as the Muffin Man that lives on Drury Lane.

How many people are in front of me. Hm, let’s see one, two, six people oh f*ck and the barista makes each order. I hate franchises, but something like this really makes me want to go to the nearest mermaid and call it a day.

Calm down, it’s alright we will get there, and when we do it’ll be the best coffee you’ve had; trust me, you go through this every morning.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, checking the digital clock on my phone it feels as though a millennia has passed. It’s been three minutes and my internal snooze alarm hasn’t yet struck. I’m passing out in the middle of the line please, someone get this man some coffee before he passes out. Strung out, missing the caffeine high that rushes through every vain till it reaches the cerebellum.

“Next in line!”

Wait, that’s me oh sh*t I’m not ready for this. But good thing I know what I want, hm what’s on tap today? Ah, the waxers weapon of choice: The Brazil. The brew sweet to the tounge, forceful in it’s ways does it create a mellow vibe has me lifted throughout my morning.

Wait, what’s that to my left? I didn’t know bread could be that big. Is that one slice of bread? What’s the greenish brown stuff on top? Looks like avocado slices but if it is then where do they get these ingredients? The giants market? Everything on that plate is bigger than the barista and no offense, but he’s pretty hefty. Outrageous is that size while my watering eyes fool my mind into believing I could take three down at the same time. It’s probably for the person in front of me, they made a great choice. I should ask the barista, maybe he could give me a little bit of insight on what this delicacy is.

Um, sir would you mind telling me what you’re curating at this fine hour?

It’s avocado toast.

Oh, ok well how much is it?

Thirteen Dollars

I’ll just do coffee.


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