The infamous Rapper/Slam Poet/Philosopher J. Cole said it best when it came to his song, The Cut Off:

I know heaven is a mind state, I’ve been a couple of times

The song itself is about addiction; trying to get rid of addiction and making known who’s his ally and who’s his enemy.

If you ever get the chance especially if you haven’t heard it, check out his album K.O.D. The whole album is about losing oneself, coping mechanisms, being greatful about who you are in the world. The list could go on, but for some reason this single line keeps grabbing my attention.

As I was thinking about what I want this website to truly talk about I.E. addiction to Streaming Services, Social Media, Cell Phones to name a few; I just kept thinking about this single line. It’s so obvious, because it’s true Heaven is a mind State.

Heaven is a mind state, yet in a world where everyone has to find some sort of trouble within either themselves or in the world around them; people lose sight in how to be happy. In fact, it’s almost as if people brag about their unhappiness to other people as if they were holding up a scoreboard.

We find joy in other peoples pain, but we never find joy in our own yet we always have to make it known. It’s weirder to even talk about your own happiness with other people because for some reason in this world everyone has to suffer.

Heaven is a mind state; because in a world of distractions where it seems as though the only way out is through a screen and an image of Squidward dabbing on people. We forget that we have a natural way out, Meditation. We have had heaven around us our entire time.

Yet instead, these devices take us further and further away from any type of release. If anything it’s only playing you into the never ending cycle, as I always say, numbing your brain so that you only ever feel anything through that screen projection.

Heaven is a mind state; because for thousands of years there have been people around the globe that, without the use of drugs or a cell phone, had the ability to reach a transcendence within themselves; creating a balance between them and their environment allowing for them to reach nervana.

Peace of mind in a world that’s constantly trying to kill them. Yet, I can’t have a complete conversation at the dinner table without someone pulling out their phone because they either don’t know what I’m talking about, or just don’t want to be a part of the real world.

Heaven is a mind state; because there’s so much to be happy about in this world. We have more food than we could possibly imagine (beit nuitrishous or not), we have the newest line of technology aiding humans who cannot have access to it themselves. There are robots now that are doing surgeries for the Surgeon. We have machines that are doing the dirty work for us. Yet I can’t feel complete without knowing what’s going on on my social media walls.

People feel as though they always need to hate themselves, rue in their own misfortune and wonder why nothing good ever happens to them. Because at the end of the day (depending on where you are of course) there’s not a saber tooth tiger waiting outside of your cave ready to eat your brains. People don’t feel like they are a part of the bigger scheme in life, so they hold this anger, turn it into anxiety and wash it away through staying glued to their devices.

Heaven is a mind state; because peace of mind in this world of constant nagging and bugging at the scale of internal thought is at an all time high. Brains nowadays hold more information than ever before entertainment comes along trying to jam pack it’s way in, causing for the general public to have no more space in their noggin for whats actually important. I know Heaven is a MindState, I’ve been a couple of times and all it takes is a little bit of Meditation.

That means sit your butt down for five minutes out of the day. Breath in for five seconds, breath out for four. It’s that simple, the Corporate world always wants people to work-work-work, but the corporations behind the societal scheme never think about self-improvement. Because once you try to improve yourself, you then become the enemy. So in hopes to prevent that, corporations will spend frivolous amounts of money on gadgets and skits to grab hold of your attention, and keep your attention as long as possible. They don’t care about the negative impacts it will have on you as long as their wallets grow big and fat.

Do yourself a favor.

1. Listen to J.Cole’s K.O.D. Album, it’s really good.

2. Turn your phone off. Please, your brain will thank you later.

3. Sit down, don’t worry about the things taking over your everyday life.

4.Relax because life is not that hard for us, in this society compared to what other people are going through and what they have gone through in the past.

Hopefully after this you can gain some clarity on what’s happening in front of you. Leading you to make better decisions about your life.


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