She waits, sitting there in the same cafe´. She orders a grande Cappuccino, light foam because she doesn’t like it to be too frothy. She’s a woman that knows what she wants.

She’s independent, she’s built herself a foundation set for years to come. She’s the queen of her own throne, to the many that have tried to topple, she waves. For she knows need of no one but her own. Intuitive she is, smart, talented she works under no one except her own ego.

She waits, sitting patiently. Her friends pondering her love interest days prior. Frank, when they notice she never wears that circular metallic band that would call courtship and old romance. If anything, they haven’t seen her with anyone over the past two harvests. Worry falls down their gloom filled faces, to them, existence in solidarity is one for the crazies.

I don’t need someone to make myself happy!

She exclaims, a mental breakdown during brunch has her friends, the waiter and the onlooking crowd in gasp. As if she’s hung a butter knife in the air, screaming to the heavens about how ungodly refreshing the golden honey tastes paired with the wheat toast. She’s heard enough of it.

Download Complete.

She caves, trying the newest trend following adulthood and romance. Kindler it’s well known as. Pacing back and forth, questioning everything she’s ever built for herself; she begs the question:

Why do people need to feel love from others? Why can’t people let others live their own way?

She’s frustrated, but she settles down. Clips her social profile onto the network to bypass the informational, and to her amazement: Choices.

As if she were at a candy shop she could choose hair, no hair, body types, lifestyles. All makes and models of all different shapes and sizes. Maybe she would like to take charge in the relationship, be the bread winner and change the social formalities that govern modern society. Maybe she could be that girly-girl that she wanted to so desperately be, growing up.

Swiping left as she does, she comes onto the match that sets her mind ablaze. Passion runs through her veins as she’s met the one.

She fantasizes, eyes widening to the thought of a stable family. Her parents, divorced at an early age, weren’t the best representatives to the idea of marriage. She found true the negatives of what could become of courtship. Does she dare choose the same path?

She swipes right, they match. She’s excited, they set a location. She’s there.

She waits, sitting in the same cafe´, she orders a grande Cappuccino, light foam because she doesn’t like it to be too frothy. She waits, because she’s a woman that knows what she wants.



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