Remind yourself, it’s your duty to yourself to take time to think. You woke up, and the moment you turned your phone on; constant ringing. Let’s stop that, before you decide to turn your phone on, do your daily needs. Make your bed, reduce the clutter in the area, brush your teeth, take a shower. You’ll feel better, less anxious, and with more clarity for the rest of the day.

We have to give our minds time to process especially after waking up. Have you ever noticed yourself checking your phone constantly throughout the day, or are you holding onto a thought that’s been with you since the moment you woke up?

Here’s my question and be honest with yourself:

Did you check your phone the moment you woke up?

Did you get your Snapchat notifications? Your follower pings from Instagram? Is the wall on your Facebook cluttered with other peoples’ post-it notes? Do yourself a favor, keep it off till noon. You’ll feel more connected to yourself instead of the image on your Profile. If you absolutely need to check what’s going on, then here’s my challenge to you.

Go directly to what you want to see. After you check it out (whether it be a post, or an article, or a notification) turn your phone off for the next Thirty minutes.

This is to check your dependence. How wired are you to your phone? Do you feel stressed out the moment you turn your phone off? No? What about Ten minutes after? Fifteen?

Feeling Anxious yet?

If you do, it’s because your brain is wired to constantly check your phone. Have you ever felt your legs vibrate even when you don’t have your phone in your pocket? Your brain has built a dependence, a craving almost, for the constant need of Entertainment and Approval. Social Media is your quick fix.

There’s an easy way to get rid of it. Leave your phone off, tell yourself this:

I don’t need to check my phone.

The internet can wait, because it will always be there.

I am here in the present moment. Aware of what’s around me.

Say these three statements, how ever many times it takes till your brain feels the connection. Once then you’re not necessarily going to feel anything grand; because it’s very subtle. Your dependence is realized, and your brain will process accordingly to it so long as you wish to truly make a change for yourself.

Good Morning, and many blessings Young Traveler.


4 thoughts on “ Keep Your Phone Off ”

    1. I believe if anything it should bolster our ability to communicate because it’s simple written communication, but because it’s such a new concept to humanity and it’s moving at such a fast pace; we constantly feel the need to shorten the subject. Turn words and emotions into Memes and Emojis. All a phone is, is a medium in which to send and receive messages. We have the ability to write as much as we want to one another but culturally we see paragraphs in texts as “Something is wrong” instead of “I need to fully communicate my opinion with how I feel.” Phones hinder our interpersonal communication. People are constantly looking down towards their devices instead of the people infront of them, but that’s not to say that Phones are diminishing communication in totality as much as its just an evolved form of communication. It’s communication non the less.

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    1. Hey Jordan! Great question, we as humans are highly social animals. I believe a part of the need comes from Acceptance. We want to feel as though we are a part of a community. It’s engrained in us. As a form of survival; people needed to band together. The communities would form and everyone would have their own purpose for one collective goal. That need is primordial, except now its not for strictly survival as much as it is for the ego. Being in a more civilized progressed environment we’ve developed from the survival mind to the conscious mind. That conscious mind has dependencies, one of them being the need to feel involved. I also believe that Solitude is natural especially in a time like now. Information is constantly being beamed into our brains, and we might not feel like it’s doing anything to us, but if so then why do I know the Jingle for McDonald’s slogan? Why do I think “Eat Right!” Whenever I see a Sandwhich roll, yet I’m not at a Subway. I once saw Solitude as “You’re a crazy Mountain Man!” now I see solitude as a requirement in order to dump the unnecessary information we obtain throughout the day.

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