In fact, I’m not asking you to do much. I’m not asking you to turn off your daily routine. I’m not asking you to turn off your distractions. I simply just ask that you take a moment for yourself and listen.

For a moment in time, pause.

Breath in for five seconds, breath out and play this video. Listen to the running water as it crashes each pebble in its way. Gathering in massive force, momentously traveling forward. Reaching outwards step by step, getting closer to it’s goal. Filling in the roots on it’s sides, feeding the empty, creating everlasting life amongst the trees.

Listen to the birds, chirping their beautiful melodies. Singing songs of old, making young anew. Listen to the elders talk of old wise tales. The gods above venture forward making haste as time is a kin to no one.

Listen to yourself. Watch as your body reacts almost instantly to the pressures released. You feel at ease, the problems you thought of before are now but mere challenges we all have to face in the game that is life. Go forth, venture forward as you complete the tasks in front of you.

Life is a journey as we all face many trials and tribulations. We make ourselves right by attuning ourselves with whom we are. Once then, we set forth with a better, more complete mind.


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