Groggy I was, still trying to wake up as I’m waiting in line at the local Cafe´. There’s still a little bit a ways before I can order my coffee, I’ll check my phone to pass the time.

Hm, I wonder what people are saying on Social Media.

(Scrolling through the feed)

Memes, relationship statuses, the occasional stock price and advertisements. There’s a couple of articles that a few friends will post, but it’s intentions are seen on the article itself.

“Right-Wing Officials say the Economy is Tanking!”

“The World’s at an all time end, Here’s why!”

“Do you have Ebola? Take our Quiz to find out!”

Devastated I am, as I’m drowning myself. Unaware to the time spent on this information that didn’t involve me. Anxiety runs through my body as I keep scrolling through the what if’s. I find myself getting tense, my muscles tighten, my breath shortens; I’m stressed as if I’ve been sent back to class; preparing for a test the night before.


The barista banters as I’m throwing myself deep into the abyss, I look up. Stress piling over now as the menu behind the cashier holds an itemized list of choices.

I could get a coffee, or I could get a Grande Vanilla Macchiato, light foam, stirred heated to 140 degrees. Hm, but I’m not feeling something hot, maybe something cold; like an Iced, upside down, triple shot, Caramel coated, lack of caffeine soft serve that would send me down a diabetic coma. Throwing my senses into the void of a sugar induced slumber. It would even have the likes of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, weary of my life choices.

“What Can I get you?”

The Barista asks as I’m dazed to the plethora of choices in front of my retinas. Stimulation overwhelms me as I’m pressured within a forty-five second window to choose, yet if I make the choice I’m missing out on the other joys. Do I want energy? Do I want sugar? Do I want water? I should’ve asked myself this before I came into the shop, all I wanted was a Cup O’ Joe how hard is that?


“I’ll take a tall blonde, please”


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